Smartphone Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Smartphone Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Smartphones today are an integral part of human lives. And, 2017 indeed has been a year of smartphones. Almost every known brand in the business came up with their ideology, creativity, and innovation to change the course of the way people use to look at the smartphones.

From Xiaomi and Honor’s mid-range to Google, Apple, and Samsung’s flagship and OnePlus and LG’s mid-range flagships; every brand came up with their own version of value for money smartphones.

Hence, obviously, I do not think any of these major brands are going to stop in 2018. Moreover, in this article, we are going to discuss smartphone trends to watch out for in 2018. So, let’s get started!

Smartphone Trends of 2018

2017 admittedly has been an essential part of the smartphone revolution. And, 2018 unquestionably is going to further-revolutionize the smartphone industry. To divide the 2018 trends, let’s split the smartphone based on two categories.

  1. Hardware Trends
  2. Software Trends

Hardware Trends:

Compared to any other years, we have seen some significant Hardware changes in 2017. And, 2018 is going to be more about it. Some of the hardware changes that are going to dominate 2018 are:

  1. Processor:

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for Android-based phones and a11 bionic chip for iOS-based, we have seen some very high-speed processors for flagships. But, 2018 is going to be more of it.

Snapdragon 845 chipset is going to enter the game this year and rule smartphone market in terms of processing speed. Samsung S9 and above, LG G7, OnPlus 6, etc. are speculated to be some of the beginners to enter the market with this freakingly high-speed processor.

  1. Display:

We have seen some significant changes in looks of smartphones in context of display. And, so will we see in 2018. Although, none of the phones were utterly bezel-less; it was one of the most used words in the community. iPhone X, Mi Mix 2, Essential phone, etc. were some of the ‘claimed’ bezel-less smartphones, but their non-negligible bezels were straight to the sight. However, is it going to be the same in 2018? I don’t think so. This year, we can expect at least one brand to launch an infinite display (bezel-less) phone.

Smartphone Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

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Another change we have seen in terms of display is an 18:9 display. From flagships to mid-range smartphone, many smartphones in 2017 came with 18:9 displays. However, not all of them had that display. Hence, 2018 can positively be expected to bring every phone with same resolution 18:9 screens.

Additionally, long-rumored foldable displays are highly likely to show up in the market. In fact, last month, news of Samsung’s folding smartphone was leaked.

In short, 2018 is presumed to have a wholly bezel-less & 18:9 display smartphone which might be foldable.

  1. Headphone jack:

It was quite shocking rather than surprising when Apple revealed its iPhone without a headphone jack. Alongside Apple, many other branded flagships also joined “No Headphone Jack” club. To name a few, Google’s Pixel 2 & 2XL, Moto’s Z, newcomers like Razer phone and Essential phone, etc. came without 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Hence, it won’t be any surprise if every brand will come along without the headphone jack in 2018. But, on the other hand, Customers like to have a headphone jack on their phone. So, I think brands will expunge the idea of “no headphone jack.” Not to forget that there is a possibility of another way around too.

  1. Charging port:

We have seen a numerous amount of charging ports since the existence of mobile phones. However, the USB-C we have today is the best among all. Although not every phone available today has a USB-C port, the smartphones in 2018 will surely have a USB Type-C port due to obvious reasons like fast transfer speed, reversible insertion, speed charging, etc. Also, these ports are used as auxiliary headphone jack due to the removal of 3.5 mm jacks.

Apart from that, wireless charging can also be a part of the 2018 smartphones. In fact, wireless charging is not a new concept, but only a few brands have adopted the technology. So, it’s highly likely to be found in numerous 2018 potential smartphones.

  1. Fingerprint sensors:

Fingerprint sensors are widely used in smartphones these days and are certainly going to be a part of 2018. Moreover, in-screen fingerprint sensors are expected in 2018. Due to the foreseen future having the bezel-less display, on-screen fingerprint sensors will be profoundly used in 2018 and future because having them on the back will affect the design of the phone. In fact, Synaptics, a computer manufacturing company has cracked the problem of embedding fingerprint sensor in the display.

Additionally, different positions of fingerprint sensor will also be seen in 2018. For eg., Razer phone has a fingerprint scanner on the side embedded along with power button.

  1. Cameras:

In a world where more than a trillion photos are uploaded yearly, camera quality unquestionably matters. And, smartphones like Google’s Pixel 2 & Apple’s iPhone X are assuredly placing camera quality on the pedestal.

Portrait mode is a must-need for today’s millennials. So, almost every phone which can afford a portrait mode will come with it. Either a dual-camera setup or AI based portrait mode will essentially be inserted in ever smartphone of 2018.

  1. Others:

In addition to above all, other hardware trends to look out for in 2018 are:

  • Extended internal memory up to 512 GB.
  • 5G supported smartphones.
  • eSIMS
  • Improvement in battery quality and capacity.

Hence, there are many Hardware trends to look up to in 2018. Now, let’s move to Software trends to look out for in 2018.

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Software Trends:

With the improvement of hardware in terms of speed, stability, and quality; eventually and obviously, smartphones are going to use apps & softwares. Here are a few software trends to watch out for in 2018.

  1. AR and VR:  

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are undoubtedly the future of smartphone industry.

Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Apple’s Animoji, etc. are some of the popular apps based on Augmented reality. And, we can certainly hope some interesting apps & games when it comes to software-based smartphone trends in 2018.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen many implementations in Virtual reality. However it is a hot topic, we can see some exciting implementation of Virtual reality in 2018.


  1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be highly used Period.

Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, etc. like assistant we used on daily basis are based on voice recognition & speech recognition and AI. And, this AI-based technology is still in learning stage, so we are going to get better virtual assistants in 2018.

Individual AI chipsets are inserted along with camera which makes the output quality better. For eg., Google’s Pixel can take portrait mode photos using single lens due to AI technology. Another significant advantage in photo quality using AI is that the camera will recognize the object(food, trees, etc.) and accordingly adjust settings for best quality.

AI-based algorithms are used in Apple’s iPhone X for “unbeatable” security and privacy. As a result, every other brand is going to develop better facial recognition using AI considering it as one of the essential features. Additionally, Iris scanners can also be used in 2018 as a part of security concern.

Therefore, we can consider “Artificial Intelligence” going mainstream in 2018.


Wrapping up, I would like to say that we are going to see some major & uplifting changes in smartphone industry of 2018. Everything will get better. UI/UX will get better due to Android Oreo going mainstream. Cameras will get better due to AI. Apps will get better & compelling due to AR and VR. Speed will get better due to Upgrade of processors. Security will get better due to 3D facial recognition and Iris scanner.

In short, betterment will go mainstream in 2018.