The shortest possible Vivo V7 plus review is: Not worth it!

The shortest possible Vivo V7 plus review is: Not worth it!

The shortest possible Vivo V7 plus review is: Not worth it! Let’s Elaborate. On 7th of September, 2017; Vivo came up with its latest ‘moonlight-selfie’smartphone priced at 21,990 INR. And, the only thing to boast about this phone is the very thing they advertised it for, that is: Selfie Camera!


To give you a concise introduction to the phone, here are its specs:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Internal Memory(expandable up to 256GB)
  • 16MP primary/rear camera
  • 24MP front facing camera
  • 5.99-inch screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor
  • Dual SIM(4G+4G nano)
  • 3225mAH non-removable battery

My Views on Vivo V7 plus:

As I said before, I won’t buy it. And, here’s my ‘WHY’:


The only thing good about the Vivo V7 Plus phone is its selfie-camera, and the ‘Moonlight’ flash embedded alongside the front-facing camera. In short, if the only requirement of yours is to take “pretty selfies,” then this is your dream phone. Because with 24MP selfie-camera it sure-as-hell will take good selfies.

Nothing Special: 

Some things which are common in most of the phone in same price range will stand under this section. And that is:

The 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory is a standard spec when it comes to this price range. Xiaomi, Moto, and Honor’s mid-range smartphones are some of the live examples of 4GB, 64GB variant. The 3225 mAH battery is also pretty average. Additionally, 4G+4G dual SIM is also not a rare thing to find in mid-range smartphones.

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Oh! This is my favorite part. Compared to one advantage of Vivo V7 Plus, there are numerous disadvantages of buying this phone. And, I am going to compare Vivo V7 plus with other mid-range phones like Mi A1, Moto G5s plus, Honor 7x, etc. to put a better light on the disadvantages.

Note that the mid-range phones with which we are comparing Vivo’s V7 plus are priced 5k-10k less.

vivo v7 plus specification

Image Courtesy: News18

Here are the downsides of buying Vivo V7 Plus:

  • While other mid-range phones come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 chipset, Vivo’s V7 plus comes with Snapdragon 450 which is slow compared to others in the same range.
  • V7 Plus comes with a plastic body which is a disgrace when it comes to build-quality of a mid-range smartphone. While other phones in the 10K range come with a solid metallic body, Vivo decided to come up with a plastic body in a 20K range smartphone. I mean, dafaq!
  • Vivo V7 Plus comes with a single lens 16 MP rear camera, which is good, but the others cheaper than V7 plus comes with a dual camera/ portrait mode setup. Hence, it makes it comparatively dull.
  • This one is my favorite. Because the phone I purchased 2-3 years back(Lenovo a7000) had the almost-same screen resolution as in Vivo V7 plus. That is, 720p. Yes, you read it right. With all the advertisement going around with selfie-camera, 18:9 display, and 6-inch screen; they never thought of sharing the major flaw, i.e., 720p display.

In short, if Honest-advertisement of V7 plus were done; the chances of people buying it would be less than one with no-advertisement.

So, why the selling price is almost 22,000?

If I were to price the phone as compared to others available in the market, the price-tag would not exceed 12k-13k. Apart from profit margin; the constant endorsements, hiring mega-stars for advertising, paying retailers upfront, etc. lead the phone-pricing to almost 22k which is not at all customer-centric.


If you read the whole article or at least the first line; you know what the verdict is. Vivo’s V7 Plus is not a value-for-money phone. With Snapdragon 450, 720p for a 6-inch screen, and a plastic body; nobody in their right mind would buy this phone just for a selfie-camera.

There are many alternatives like Mi A1, Moto G5 s Plus, Honor 7x, Honor 9i, etc. which are less in price and better in results compared to Vivo V7 Plus. Hence, according to my opinion go for any of the alternatives.

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