Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Release date, Specifications, And Everything Else You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Release date, Specifications, And Everything Else You Need to Know

There are plenty of rumours about the launch of a new smartphone from Samsung which will be S9 and S9+ the names are widely assumed as the predecessor was named S8 and S8 plus so we discuss about Samsung Galaxy S9 specification. The new S9 and S9 plus will surely have a better camera, better design & feel. Although the Samsung S9 will be facing tough competition against the Apple iPhone X which obviously is not liked by everyone but its already selling in large numbers. LG V30 is also likely to compete against the Samsung S9 so we are discuss on Samsung s9 release date around the world.

The S9 will certainly be improved over its predecessor, has better display, improved camera, even faster fingerprint scanner, and Snapdragon 845 is likely to be seen in this device.

All you need to know about the Samsung S9 and S9+ as per the rumours including the date of release, price, specifications, looks and design.

Samsung S9 and S9+ Release date?

Samsung Galaxy S9 specification & release date around the world

Image Courtesy : The Indian Wire

Samsung intends to showcase this device in upcoming CES in January 2018, but Samsung is surely going to launch this product in the month of FEB 2018 and intends to start selling the Samsung s9 and s9+ by the end of March 2018.

Changes in Design of the Samsung S9 and S9+

There won’t be any Revolutionary changes in the Samsung’s S9 device but as per the rumored pictures we can say that Samsung is more likely to introduce new feature called “In-screen scanner” yes you heard it right, the new QUALCOMM chips can sit below quite thick display and still work just as the fingerprint scanner on the front or back.

The Display for sure will be curved and bezel-less just like the Samsung S8 but they are more likely to provide better quality display with better viewing angles, recently Samsung licensed a new glass coating technology which bounces water so Samsung is more likely to use that technology in their new upcoming smartphone to make it more usable in rains.

If Samsung fails to Implement the in-screen scanner than as per the rumour’s Samsung is more likely to fix the position of the fingerprint scanner on the backside of the device which in my opinion will make the Samsung users very much happy.

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 About the Camera

The Dual camera lens setup which we all want to see in a Samsung smartphone is likely to be implemented in the Samsung S9+ model but not in the S9 model although We will be seeing a better camera on both Samsung S9 and S9+ which is rumoured to be able to shoot videos at 1000 frames per second.

Taking the Idea from the iPhone X Samsung is likely to add a 3D face scanner to unlock the device rumours say that the Samsung’s 3D scanner won’t be fooled like the iPhone X, it also says that this scanner is capable of distinguishing between twin faces.

Samsung Galaxy S9 specification

samsung s9 release date & samsung s9 mobile price in india

Samsung Galaxy s9 specification will probably have 4GB of RAM with 64GB onboard storage which can be expandable and the S9+ will have 6GB of RAM with 64GB onboard storage which can also be expandable, the storage of both the phones are 64GB just like the Samsung S8 and S8 plus. Samsung Galaxy S9 release date and all the specification can be find here.

Both the smartphones will be rocking Snapdragon 845 which will be more power sufficient and will provide better and faster end experience to the users, the Snapdragon 845 will also provide better battery life which means more screen-on-time for playing movies and games, and sufficiency will ensure to preserve battery when mobile is on standby to prevent huge battery drops.

The price of the Samsung S9 and S9+ are expected to be priced at Rupees 57,990 ($900) and 64,990 ($1013) respectively in India.

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