The Must Have In Screen Finger Print Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Must Have In Screen Finger Print Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S9

A few years in screen finger print scanner used to be a concept. The world used to think that someday there will be devices that would come with a finger print scanner. However, the in finger print scanner is no more concept. Now it is a reality. At CES 2018 the world has come across to the first in screen finger print scanner smartphone. The smartphone was manufactured by a Chinese smartphone Maker Vivo who is known for making selfie camera smartphones. However now it seems like they are slowly upgrading themselves. Apart from the Vivo in screen finger print scanner device, the world also has come to know about the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S9. The launch for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is scheduled for the 25th February.

If we talk about the Samsung smartphones, well then we have to mention that the company did not do too well with the finger print sensor placements for their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Their idea of adding the finger print scanner beside the rear camera did not really impress people. As most of the time, it is quite annoying to access the scanner while holding the device in a single hand. Hence we do think that the Samsung actually needs to get an in screen finger print scanner.

However, since the launch of the world’s first in screen finger print display, it seems like Samsung and the other smartphone makers soon going to get this feature. In early day’s finger print scanner used to make its placement along with a home button at the front panel of the device. But as technology started growing up, we soon had started noticing phones with rear finger print scanner and edge to edge displays. Nowadays most of the smartphone makers are ditching home button. But now it seems like that the technology would bring up the front panel finger print sensor again. But the only twist is that it will be a digital one instead of physical scanners.


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Apart from the Chinese Smartphone maker Vivo. Companies like Synaptics and Qualcomm has started making in screen finger print scanner technologies. And it seems like we will soon start noticing smartphones with such technologies.

Now you are probably wondering that how the in screen finger print scanner works? Or what is the technology behind this hi-tech technology? Well if you have the same question, then lets us explain it for you.

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How In Screen Finger Print Scanner Works?

Well, we do not need to wait for future to see some awesome techs. At least not for smartphones. The Vivo’s revolutionary smartphone is the future, and we are experiencing it. However, if we talk about the Vivo’s in screen finger print scanner, well the device has a tiny scanner hidden behind the display. Also surprisingly the scanner is able to read the finger print scanner behind the glass and display. The scanner looks through small yet invisible spaces which are placed between the display pixels. According to a Synaptics statement, the in screen finger print scanner only works with the OLED displays, and not with the LED displays. This statement also has been a reason why most of the companies are slowly switching to the OLED displays or why a few companies already have ditched LED displays.

Apart from this, if we talk about the in screen finger print scanner well we have to say that the scanner is pretty responsive. However, the developments still need to be done. When you place your thumb on the front location of the display. The finger print icon instantly gets flashed on the phone screen and then the technology captures your finger print via the invisible display spaces and unlocks your phone. However it is not as fast as the physical finger print scanners, but still, it does the job in a pretty good way. In Finger Print Scanner is one of the best feature which is listed in our previous article, look at Smartphone Trends to Watch Out For in 2018.

However, if we talk about the in screen finger print scanner technology, then it has been a rumoured technology before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The rumour also had appeared before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But it did not happen, even before the launch of the Apple iPhone X, it was rumoured that it might sport the in screen finger print scanner. However again the rumours did not come out as true information. And now again there are a couple of rumours that hints that the upcoming Galaxy S9 would sport the futuristic technology. However, to figure this out we have to wait until 25th February.

But the Chinese manufacturing company is the first one to show off the Synaptics in screen fingerprint sensor. The smartphone is expected to make its way to the market later this year. But there is hardly any chance that you will get your hands on the smartphone. As the company has not revealed much about the worldwide launch. Also, it is quite possible that the phone would only available in China.

However before Samsung really launches the S9.  Here comes a question that says “Will Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 9 get the feature or not?”

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Well, Samsung, as well as the world, is desperately waiting to see a Samsung smartphone with the in screen finger print scanner. And if we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 the smartphone is almost here. Just a few couple of weeks and the world would get to know everything related to the device. The device is also expected to hit the market from March 16 which is still a rumour.

However, if we talk about the question we do not really think that the smartphone going to get such technology.  As all the current leaks and renders do not hint that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus would come with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. So we need to wait for one more year to see the futuristic technology on the Samsung phones. However, we can still hope to see a better finger print scanner placement. A finger print placement which is not annoying and quite user friendly.

If we answer the question in a simple way, well then we have to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not going to get any in-screen fingerprint sensor in a Samsung phone this year. No matter the technology coming from the Synaptics or Samsung’s System-on-a-Chip partner for the US, Qualcomm. There is no hope for this year. Also if they develop such technology, we do not think that they would embed in on any of their smartphones this year.

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Also, we should mention that the whenever it comes to Note series smartphone. We have always seen Samsung doing some experiments with it. Hence there is a pretty high chance that the upcoming Note devices will be quite different than the Samsung Galaxy S9. The upcoming Note series device is expected to launch around August this year. Also, Apple is going to launch to the iPhone X2 in October this year.  So let’s just see if any of these smartphones are going to sport the in screen finger print scanner or not. However, in the end, we would like to hear your thoughts. So do not forget to comment below.

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