Best Gaming Mouse 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Mouse 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

List of Best Gaming Mouse 2019

Device Name 
Steel Series Rival 700
Asus ROG spatha
Razer Ouroboros
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
Corsair M65 Pro RGB
Logitech G502
Razer deathadder Chroma
Corsair Scimitar RGB
Razer Naga Hex V2
Corsair Sabre RGB

You must have good gaming peripherals to enjoy gaming in a professional manner.

Most of the people don’t pay attention to gaming peripherals which lead to a gaming experience which is not up to the mark.

Spending your entire budget on the CPU and performance of the computer is not good until you get good enough gaming peripherals including a good Gaming category keyboard, headphones and mouse.

So, it is always a good choice to spend a good amount of money on these Good Quality Gaming peripherals so I am here to discuss with you on Best Gaming Mouse 2019.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Budget is not the only problem which you will face while buying any of these peripherals.

You will find that there is a strong completion and a lot of options to go for. There are many brands which produces these Gaming peripherals.

These brands include Logitech, Corsair, Asus, Razer etc. Because of the huge number of these peripherals available in market, it is very hard to select one for yourself.

Every person suggests different peripherals so it is a very confusing task to buy the best one.

Well, not anymore. As, we are here to help you buy best gaming mouse (peripherals) at your budget.

Today, we will be talking about Best Gaming Mouse that you can get for yourself.

If you want to know about other gaming peripherals like keyboard and headphones, then you can check out our other articles.

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Best Gaming Mouse 2019

We will be talking about the Best budget gaming mouse with some great capabilities which will definitely enhance your gaming experience.

Such capabilities include RGB lighting, Different DPI options, programmable buttons etc.

Let’s get started with our list of Best wireless Gaming Mouse.

1. Steel Series Rival 700

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse review

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This is the first and probably the best Gaming Mouse on our list with an innovative modular design.

It also has customizable RGB lighting options. Rival series by Stell series is very popular among hard core gamers.

Now, it is time to head over to the specifications and features that this gaming mouse offers to the consumer.

Steel series Rival 700 mouse offer with an amazing modular design which attracts users.

It also offers amazing features like the RGB lightning, OLED display and also an amazing feature by the use of which you can easily customize the DPI settings of the mouse without any hassle.

Now, there is a reason why we have added Steel Series Rival 700 gaming mouse as the first gaming mouse on our list.

That reason is the innovations that it offers to the consumers.

By innovations, I do not mean by any kind of enhancement in RGB lighting, the actual reason which makes the Stell Series Rival 700 an innovative budget gaming mouse is the OLED Display that it has.

Yes, you read it right.

The Steel Series Rival 700 comes with an OLED Display which is capable of displaying many things including different settings and GIF’s.

The OLED Display panel on this mouse makes it look extremely futuristic and adds a charm to it.

You get adjustable DPI options in this gaming mouse. You can switch the DPI level from 8,000 (on Laser sensor) all the way up to 16,000 (on Optical sensor).

Also, this gaming mouse is on an expensive side so it is an exception of you are running on a low budget.

The Steel Series Rival 700 has an agronomic design which every gamer loves.

You can enjoy TPS, FPS or even RPG games with the help of this gaming mouse. The thing which we disliked the most about this gaming mouse is the fact that it can be used only by right handed people.

Yes, it can’t be used by left hand so if you are left handed then you can check out the other picks on this list.

Steel Series Rival 700’s best selling point is the fact that it vibrates.

This vibration enhances the gaming experience by providing sensations to the user.

Now, if you played games on Dual shock 4 controller for playing Games on PlayStation 4/Slim/Pro then the vibration experience is very similar to this mouse.

Not only the experience, but also the technology behind this vibration is also similar.

The Gaming mouse houses a motor inside which makes it vibrates and there are many FPP as well as TPP games which take advantage of this technology.

Now, this was all about the Steel Series Rival 700 and you can definitely consider getting this gaming mouse for your gaming setup if you are running on a high budget and you can definitely use it for long term period but if you don’t want to spend this much on a gaming mouse then no need to worry as you can have a look at other Gaming mouse on this list too.

  • Glides very smoothly
  • Fantastic gaming performance
  • Grippy design
  • Highly customisable
  • No weight adjustment
  • Expensive
  • OLED screen isn’t very useful


2. Asus ROG spatha

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse (ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse price

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Now, this is the Coolest Looking Gaming mouse on our list.

It actually looks dope and almost every gamer loves the design and ergonomic feel of this gaming mouse by a ROG (Republic of Gamers) Series of a very good brand “Asus”.

Asus ROG spatha not only looks dope but it also has some dope features.

Now, of you have a big hand then this will be the best option for you as it is a huge mouse with some really good features.

It is also one of the most comfortable gaming mouse on our list.

This is because of the huge designs and Matt finish on it. You also get a ton of customization options.

The best is that, if you own any other Computer parts by Asus ROG series like Motherboard, Ram etc.

then you can sync the RGB lightning of this gaming mouse with the RGB lighting of that particular product.

Let’s now take a deeper look at the best part about this Asus ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse- Design.

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest looking gaming mouse ever made.

By finest, I mean the different textures at different parts of the Gaming mouse and the placement of the buttons.

As the placement is very unique, it will take time for getting used to it but once you get used to the design then you can rock any game.

The RGB lighting also enhances the performance of this Gaming mouse and best part is its syncing capability.

To be honest, if you own a desktop with Asus ROG Gaming parts including Ram, motherboard etc. then you will love this gaming mouse.

As nothing is perfect this mouse has also some problems. The buttons at the right side of the mouse feels mushy but you will get used to them after usage of some time.

The another problem about this gaming mouse is its weight. It can be heavy for many users and you should stay away from it, if you have a small hand. The last but not the least problem about the Asus ROG spatha is its price.

It is one of the most expensive mice that you can find on the internet.

Overall, Asus ROG spatha is a very good choice for people with high budget and big hands.

If you are not satisfied with the Asus ROG spatha then no need to worry as still, there are many picks remaining on our list.

  • Comfortable in hand
  • Lots of features
  • Looks great
  • Awkward charging plate
  • Enormous and heavy
  • Stiff buttons


3. Razer Ouroboros

razer ouroboros elite gaming mouse

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This minimal looking gaming mouse is perfect for people who want to do gaming as well as productivity tasks like video editing with it.

If you are not familiar with Razer, then you might be living under a rock.

Razer is one of the most premium computer peripherals brand in the market.

The Razer Ouroboros is a combination of wired/wireless mouse. It also offers an ambidextrous design to the consumers.

Razer Ouroboros is one of its kind. It is not made for hard core gamers but if you are a casual gamer then you can check it out.

It is especially made for Tech enthusiasts.


 The Ambidextrous design that this gaming mouse by Razer offer is perfectly fine for both Left hand and right handed users which makes it better than the previous mentioned gaming mouse.

Enormous customization’s options are also one of the things made it even better. You have a hell lot of options which can be customized depending upon your comfort and choice.

You can change the buttons functionally or even the palm-rest comfortably. As mentioned earlier, it has a superior look and it looks more like a Tech Enthusiasts gaming mouse and not a gaming mouse.

The battery life of Razer Ouroboros elite gaming mouse is also very good and it is far better than the battery life of the gaming mouse which was mentioned earlier in this list.

Long battery means that you can enjoy games wirelessly for long term without any hassle of charging and in case you run out if battery and you don’t want to charge the mouse than you simply plug it to your desk with a wire.

The thing which might be disturbing to some of you is the fact that it doesn’t have the RGB functionally which means that there is only one light which cannot be changed but you can decrease its brightness as per your requirement.

You only get green light which make it look minimal. Believe me that Green lighting on this Gaming mouse with the matte texture all around make it look superior and I will definitely pick this design even on any other normal RGB Gaming mouse.

The keys are also very unique and it can take a lot of time for you to get used to it but once you can get used to it, you can never switch to any other gaming mouse as it has its own uniqueness which you will love.

Razer Ouroboros gaming mice is a very good option especially for casual gamers.

If you are a Tech enthusiast who also does productivity tasks as well as gaming, then you can but it without even thinking second time.

  • Ambidextrous design is perfect for both left, and right-handed users
  • Looks super conceptual, and definitely manages to stand out
  • Extremely customizable; ranging from buttons to palm-rest
  • Long battery life ensures uninterrupted gaming experience
  • Costs quite a lot for a gaming mouse.
  • Can be a bit complicated to learn.


4. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

logitech g900 chaos spectrum professional grade wired/wireless gaming mouse

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The best Gaming mouse list is absolutely incomplete without a mouse by Logitech so here is Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum.

Logitech is one of the best Gaming peripheral brands that you can find in the market right now.

On the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, you also get the DPI functionality; you can switch from 200 DPI all the way up to 12,000 DPI which is insane.

It has a beautiful Spectrum RGB lighting which can be customized by a software.

Talking about comfortability, it has an elegant design which is decent for both Right handed and left handed users.

Overall, the design is the most comfortable so far, you even enjoy games for long period of time on the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum.

The comfortability is the best selling point of this product but I have notice complaining about the design of this Gaming Mouse on the customer reviews of Amazon. So, it depends upon your choice.

By the way, you can also checkout the customer reviews of this product on Amazon to know more about it.

It has astonishingly beautiful looking RGB lighting which can be customized as per your requirement.

You can also sync it with RGB light on your desktop parts. All the keys on the Logitech G900 are completely customizable and fully programmable.

It has a very good grip which make it a good choice for gamers who spend 5-6 hours on their desktops.

Like the previous mentioned product on this list, this one can be also used in both wired/wireless methods.

The biggest drawback about the Logitech G900 is the fact that it does not come with a charging dock so if you want to use your gaming mouse in a wireless manner.

Provides you the best performance including fast response time because of fast sensors and good quality switches.

At the end, Logitech G900 is a very good gaming mouse that you can get for yourself.

The best part is the fact that it is priced at a pocket friendly amount unlike the previous mentions on this list.

Some people complain with the design of this gaming mouse but it depends upon your taste.

  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design
  • Long battery life
  • Great performance
  • Intuitive software
  • Perfect wireless features
  • Niche audience
  • No charging dock


5. Corsair M65 Pro RGB

corsair gaming m65 pro rgb fps optical gaming mouse review

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If you are a fan of FPS games, then Corsair M65 Pro RGB will be the best option for yourself.

The design is not the best that you can get but it is pretty decent. Corsair is a brand which produces good quality peripherals at a budget price.

Not only peripherals, but Corsair also provides a variety of computer parts including PSU, Cabinet, RAM etc.

Both Casual gamers and Hard-Core gamers love these computer peripherals by Corsair.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB is honestly one of the Best RGB Gaming Mice that you can buy right now. The best part about the Corsair M65 Pro 6GB is the price to performance ratio.


You can also switch between a number of DPI options to enhance your gaming experience.

There is also a software by Corsair which lets you completely customize the RGB lighting on the Mouse and even the buttons on it. You can program all the keys on the RGB gaming mouse.

The build quality of this gaming mouse is very good. Although, it is not as good as Asus ROG Spatha but considering the price, it is impressive.

The best part about Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS gaming mouse is the fact that you can adjust the weight with the software of Corsair itself.

There is a sniper button at the top of this gaming mouse which is used to control the DPI of this gaming mouse in a simple click.

In case you are fan of FPS games then this mouse will be the best option for you. This is because it is very lightweight.

The only bad thing about Corsair M65 Pro is its design. It is not as good as the other gaming mice mentioned above in the list. The Design is very normal and it is casual.

Every third mouse has a similar design so there is no uniqueness in the design.

This was all about the Corsair M65 pro. This is a great choice if you are running on a budget and you don’t want a beast looking gaming mouse.

You can check out the customer reviews of this gaming mouse on amazon to know more about it.

  • Useful sniper button
  • Looks great
  • Responsive sensor
  • Great build quality
  • Non-removable cable
  • Surface can build up sweat
  • Not ideal for flick shots


6. Logitech G502

logitech g502 review - best gaming mouse 2018

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This is another mouse by Logitech on our list. This one is a very popular gaming mouse which is recommended by everyone. The bestselling point of Logitech G502 is its DPI functionality.

Logitech G502 is the predecessor of the previous version which was the Logitech Proteus Core.

A great thing about the Logitech G502 is the fact that you can switch the DPI settings up-to 12,000 and it is available at a budget price.

So, this is one of those few gaming mice which offer great DPI options in a budget package which is a great thing.

200 to 20,000 switchable DPI Capability is not the only good thing about this gaming mouse.

You also get a total of 11 buttons which are completely customizable as per your convenience.

Another thing which Consumers liked the most about this gaming mouse is its ergonomic design.

The design absolutely looks top notch in terms of comfortability.

This is a gaming mouse which you can use for continuously 5-6 hours and you won’t notice any pain in your hard so it is that comfortable.

The RGB lighting on this gaming mouse is also very good. You can customize the RGB lighting too as per your choice.

The biggest problem about this gaming mouse is the fact that it can be used by only Right handed people so if you are a left handed person then you should have a look at the other mentioned products in this list.

Overall, Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse is a great gaming mouse by Logitech which offer great price to performance ratio.

You also get great tracking time and sensitivity with this gaming mouse.

If you want to know more about this gaming mouse by the users who have actually used it then you should visit the customer reviews on Amazon of this product.

  • Big buttons in a smart layout
  • Improved scroll wheel
  • Ultrafine weight adjustment
  • Intuitive and comfortable design
  • Streamlined software with lots of options
  • May not suit palm-grip players with big hands
  • The mouse is not built for left-handed use


7. Razer deathadder Chroma

razer deathadder chroma review

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So, here is another product by Razer on our list. Razer deathadder Chroma is the successor to the Razer deathadder which has a huge success.

Where Razer deathadder was launched every gamer was freaked out by the price to performance ratio that it offered and it crushed the sales of every other gaming mouse which was available in the market in that time period.

By the launch of Razer deathadder, Razer earner a good amount of respect in the heart of gamers and It also gained a lot of fan following.

After the demand of fans, Razer finally launched the Razer Deathadder Chroma which was not as good as the previous model in its time.

The sad part about the newest Razer Deathadder Chroma is the fact that there were nearly 0% innovation in terms of the design of this gaming mouse.

It looks as any ordinary mouse but the matte finish and neon lighting make it look futuristic. You get a set of buttons which are completely customizable as per your needs.

You can select any particular button for a particular task. Gaming mice by Razer always have good customization options and including this one.

You can switch up to 10,000 DPI on the new Razer Deathadder which is a great thing considering the price of this gaming mouse.

The time too, Razer didn’t go with the RGB lighting which is very common in case of Gaming peripherals but they have taken a step ahead by using a new technology called Chroma which is quite better than RGB lighting in some cases.

This was all about the Razer Deathadder Chroma. You can check out the customer reviews of this product on Amazon to know more about it in depth.

  • One of the most broad-appeal mouses on the market
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tried and true design.
  • Quality construction.
  • Customizable buttons.
  • Buttons can feel toy-like at times
  • Left-handed version not updated to Chroma yet


8. Corsair Scimitar RGB

corsair scimitar rgb optical moba/mmo gaming mouse review

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So, here is the second product by Corsair on our list. Corsair Scimitar RGB is one of its kind gaming mouse.

This time Corsair decided to do something innovative and stop following the trend. They come up with a mouse which look a bit weird from right side.

As we know that Corsair focused on FPP Gaming community with their previous mentioned Corsair mouse on our list, M65 Pro and this time Corsair has focused on MOBA/MMO community.

The strategy of Corsair is a bit different than the strategy of other computer peripheral brand.

Now let us return to the weird design of the Corsair Scimitar RGB.

This is because of the 17 keys which are there on the Corsair Scimitar RGB. 5 of these keys are presented on different parts of the mouse whereas remaining 12 keys are mechanical keys which is an amazing thing as we are getting mechanical keys that too on a budget gaming mouse.

These mechanical keys were there on the left side of the mouse which has some sort of sliding mechanism.

This sliding mechanism can be adjusted as per your requirement and you will also get a screwdriver in the box of this gaming mouse by which you will be able to adjust that sliding mechanism on the left side of this mouse and it is necessary to do that because 12 of the keys are there on that part so comfortability is important in that case.

These 12 mechanical keys on left side of the mouse make the mouse look more like a weird combination of mouse and keyboard when you look at it for the first time.

I just simply disliked the placement of these 12 keys as each and every key presented on the mouse has a particular number written on it which makes it look pathetic and it does not look like a gaming mouse.

It looks more like a mouse which is used to solve arithmetic problems but some of the people really like these much mechanical keys on their mouse because they are completely programmable and they can make these keys do anything.

Other than these keys, this mouse also has 4 zone based RGB lighting and you can sync these RGB lights with any gaming peripheral by Corsair.

The best thing about the Corsair Scimitar RGB is also the worst for some. The 17 keys on the mouse in which 12 are mechanical keys are every useful for MOBA/MOA gamers.

You should definitely consider getting Corsair Scimitar RGB for yourself if you are a MOBA/MOA gamer.


You can also check out the reviews of this product on Amazon by customers to know more about it in depth.

You will also find a lot of after purchase details in the customer reviews section. So, it is highly recommending to check out customer reviews on Amazon especially for this gaming mouse.

  • Very customisable
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Accurate tracking
  • Possibly too big for some
  • Pricey
  • No weight adjustment or detachable cable


9. Razer Naga Hex V2

razer naga hex v2 moba gaming mouse - best gaming mouse for 2018

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Unsurprisingly, the gaming peripherals by Razer are so good that I had to add 3 of them in our list of Top 10 gaming mice. This is because of the premium feel that Razer offer to its customers.

Now let’s have a closer look at the Razer Naga Hex V2. Being honest, Razer Naga Hex V2 look actually Dope.

It looks similar to a product which arrived from the future by time travel. The neon lighting and matte black finish on the Razer products keep them always full of minimalism and uniqueness.

It is hard to switch to any other gaming mouse after using any gaming mouse of Razer because they are so comfortable, premium and easy to use that you get used to them very quickly.

Like the previous mentioned gaming mouse on our list, this mouse by Razer also concentrates on MOBA Gaming community.

The collect thing about the Razer Naga Hex V2 is the fact that it is capable of providing an output of 16,000 DPI without any hassle.

Like the previous mentioned mouse on our list, this one too has mechanical switches in the thumb grin and to be honest, they look way better them they were on the Corsair Scimitar RGB Gaming Mouse.

The Razer Naga Hex V2 can be used by both right handed and left handed people without any kind of hassle or issue.

They have a good an ergonomic design with matte textured body and neon Green color Chroma lighting g which is controllable Easy Synapse 2.0 software which is an official software by Razer.

Also by the help of this software, you will be able to tweak all the things in your Raha Naga Hex V2. You can even change the function of each and every button as per your requirement.

The Razer Naga Hex V2 is better than the previously mentioned Corsair Scimitar RGB gaming mouse which was mentioned previously in this list.

This Razer is better than the Corsair one in terms of the Design and build quality although there are more mechanical keys on the Corsair Scimitar RGB but it doesn’t really matter until you are getting an awesome design with Chroma lighting.

You should definitely consider getting Razer Naga Hex V2 for yourself if you are a MOBA gamer.

You get a ton of customization options and a lot more in the Razer Naga Hex V2 in a budget package which is even a good thing.

It is recommended to check out the customer reviews of this product on Amazon to know more about it in detail.

  • Proven ergonomics with a directed design
  • Fully customizable buttons
  • High-DPI mouse sensor
  • Solid construction across the board
  • Easy to distinguish mouse buttons
  • No local memory for configuration saves
  • Synapse account is still needed
  • The design may seem like an odd choice for some users


10. Corsair Sabre RGB

corsair gaming sabre review

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This is the last but not the least gaming mouse on your list and this one is too by Corsair.

So, this is the third gaming mouse on our list by Corsair so Corsair has also performed very well. Now, let us talk about the Sabre RGB by Corsair.

Corsair Sabre RGB offers a capability of showing an output of 10,000 DPI without any hassle.

This is not as good as the other best gaming mice mentioned in this list but this DPI number is good considering the price of this Gaming mouse.

The Design of this Gaming mouse is very elegant and smooth. It is very good if you want it for long usage and you won’t even face any problem or any kind of pain in your hands.

The Gaming Mouse also has a matte texture to it which always looks premium and immersive but there is a problem of this matte texture too which is that it works like a fingerprint magnet.

So, it is very common to see fingerprint smudges on these type of Gaming Mice.

Although, this matte texture looks even better when combined with RGB lighting.

All the buttons that are there on this Corsair Sabra RGB are completely programmable so you can change them as per your requirements.

Overall, it is a great gaming mouse which offer great quality price to performance ratio so if you are thinking to build a budget gaming based PC then you can definitely get this gaming mouse for yourself.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Performs smoothly
  • The excellent sensor offers top of the line DPI, and easy to use gliding.
  • RGB lighting that can also be adjusted through the CUE (Corsair utility engine)
  • Competitive mice offer better hardware value, Rubberized coating shows oil/grease marks
  • The design maybe awkward for some users to hold.



These were all the 10 Best Gaming Mouse for 2019 that you can find in the market.

Today, we had a look at almost every type of Gaming mouse and the main brands which offer such gaming peripheral.

Now, you can easily make the decision of buying a gaming mouse for your setup and enjoy playing games on it without any hassle.

If you are running on a high budget, then you can pay attention to the top 3 gaming mice and if you have a medium to low budget then you can easily make the decision from 4-10.

We have taken a look at almost every type of gaming Mouse whether it is made for MOBA gamers or even FPS gamers and we also had a look at RGB Gaming mouse/ Chroma lighting based Gaming Mouse.

Also, we have taken a look at so many gaming peripherals brands which offer good quality gaming peripherals at reasonable prices.

Now, it all depends upon your budget, preference and the games that you are going to play with the help of that Gaming Mouse.

If you are switching from an ordinary mouse to any gaming mouse mentioned in this list then you will notice a huge difference with the gaming performance, DPI settings, Sensitivity etc.

You will take time for getting used to these Gaming Mice but once you get used to them then you will never go for an ordinary gaming mouse to play games etc.

At the end, we will suggest you to make your buying decision wisely and check out all the customer reviews of the product that you are willing to buy as it help you to get to know more about the product in depth.


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