Best Gaming Keyboards 2019 –  The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Gaming Keyboards 2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

List of Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

Device Name 
Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB
Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK
Razer BlackWidow Chroma
Tesoro Excalibur G7NL
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-I
Logitech G910 Orion Spark
SteelSeries Apex
Razer DeathStalker Ultimate
Corsair Strafe RGB

Some people spend tons of dollars on the CPU for gaming but they don’t really spend the right amount for other essentials like Keyboard, mouse and Monitor.

The Truth is that only all of these things together will enhance the gaming experience.

You must have a good gaming keyboards in order to achieve the perfect gaming experience.

These are many factors that you should consider while making the purchase of a gaming keyboard which includes comfortability, budget, type of keys etc so I am here for you to help on selection of best gaming keyboards 0f 2019.

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Best Gaming Keyboards 2019 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

All the factors together make a perfect gaming keyboard. These are many differences between an ordinary keyboard and a typical gaming keyboard.

Best budget gaming keyboard is very important especially for enjoying multiplayer games like Fortnite, Pubg etc.

where pressure the right key at the right time is a big deal.

Generally, there is one major difference between a normal keyboard and the gaming keyboard which is obviously the keys.

The keys on a normal keyboard are membrane based keys whereas most of the gaming keyboard comes with mechanical keys which is comes under best mechanical keyboard.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Good?

Membrane keys are based on the touch whereas mechanical keys have physical switches which gives you a faster response.

Let us first take a look at the things which make mechanical keys better than membrane keys:


This is the best part about mechanical keys. They sound way better than normal membrane keys. This is because of the physical button that is inside each and every key of the mechanical keyboard.

This physical button produces a clicky sound whenever you press it. As a result, you get that clicky sound.

Not only for gaming, but such mechanical technology based keyboards are also useful for doing typing as you will get a clicky sound effect whenever you type a character.

Better Response

Sound is not the only good thing about any mechanical gaming keyboard, it also responds slightly faster than any ordinary keyboard.

This enhancement in the speed of mechanical gaming keyboard definitely enhance your gaming experience.

Fast response of the keyboard is necessary for enjoying multiplayer games where speed plays a huge role.

Better Durability

This is also a good thing about mechanical gaming keyboards. The keys on the mechanical gaming keyboards last longer as compared to the keys of any other membrane keyboards.

The keys on the mechanical keyboards are physical and they are said to be used for thousands of clicks.

These were some of the things which are better in mechanical gaming keyboards as compared to any other ordinary membrane based keyboards.

Not all the mechanical gaming keyboard reviews have mechanical keys but the good ones do have.

The market is filled with tons of options and it is confusing to choose the best budget gaming keyboard for your setup.

You have done a lot of research before making the purchase of best gaming keyboard.


To make your work easier, we are here with our list of “10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2019”.

This list is a result of hours of research so you can purchase any of the products mentioned in this list without any hassle.

This list consists of best mechanical gaming keyboards and some of them have also the support of RGB lighting which can be changed by software or even keys on the keyboard.

Let’s get started with our list of Best Gaming Keyboards that you can get for yourself.


Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB - best mechanical keyboards review

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So this guide is all about the Top 10 best mechanical keyboard lists of 2019 and yes this keyboard comes at the first rank in our list of Top 10 Keyboards.

The name of this keyboard also seems to be a tech savvy.

This mechanical Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB is very popular amongst gamers because of its really amazing design.

By saying that, I don’t mean that it’s just for gamers. Actually this keyboard can do a really great job for both Gaming purposes and also for other typing related purposes.

With that design, the keyboard offers a lot of external features also.

First impression is the last impression, as already said, this keyboard leaves a great impression at first view and real gamers fall in love with it at first sight.

The K70 can be called an upgraded version of the K60 model.

The Corsair Vengeance keyboard gives some extra benefits with some additional features like the four-way BIOS.

best wireless gaming keyboard

This system can be accessed on the side of the physical keyboard. The keyboard gives both of the options to rise it up a bit or to rest it off on the plane.

Actually the real gaming fan knows what’s the use of both of these. This keyboard is made up of plastic material and has a really amazing build quality.

The keys of the keyboard are designed by taking care of the gamers.

The gamers play games on the computer for hours so they sweat a lot, that’s why the keys of these keyboards are made up of the matted material to make it more comforting for the gamers.

We would highly suggest you to go for this keyboard if you want one for gaming.

It also has some lightning features, which makes it look more amazing. If you need a stylish keyboard for other purposes, then also you can go for it because it is really a great piece of keyboard in the current market.

Let’s move on to our next keyboard in the list.

  • Sleek and Minimal Design
  • Great Build Quality
  • Beautiful Coloured Backlighting
  • Wrist Rest Included
  • ssss
  • Expensive Keyboard
  • Complicated Software
  • sss


Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK

cm storm quickfire tk keyboard review

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This is our second most interesting keyboard in our list of Top 10 best budget gaming keyboard.

This is a package of both gaming materials. You’ll get a gaming keyboard inside the box and also a gaming mouse with it.

The design of this keyboard seems to be really basic when you see it, but if you turn the lights off of your room and then turn on the lightning of this keyboard then it looks extraordinary.

It becomes heaven for the gamers.

CoolerMaster always amazes their lovers with their super-duper cool amazing products.

Also, there are total three switch modes in this keyboard – Brown, Red and also the Cherry MX Blue.

The dimensions of this keyboard are 14.9×5.4×1.3 inches. This makes it look really cute device and it is very compact also.

This cooler master storm keyboard is also made for taking special care of gamer needs.

There’s a window lock feature in the keyboard which will help you to play games continuously because in some keyboards, accidently the windows key is pressed and the game exits to the windows.

So this will solve that problem of the gamers.

This is a super duper cute keyboard with its compact design. It will fit easily on your desk and still there’ll be a lot of space left on your computer desk.

This cooler master quickfire tk keyboard offers a great mode in which you can increase the brightness levels by just pressing the keys on the keyboards.

So this keyboard can also be a great choice for the gamers. We’ll never suggest you to buy this keyboard for any other typing purposes.

If you are a gamer and just need a keyboard for gaming purposes, then surely go for this one but for typing or other job, never choose this keyboard because it’s short and compact size makes it difficult to type on the keyboard.

Well, we talked a lot about this one now let’s move on to our next keyboard of the list.

  • The compact dimensions make it a handy keyboard on the desk.
  • The numerical pad is a useful inclusion to the solid board.
  • Windows lock eliminates the case of accidentally exiting a game.
  • ssss
  • ssss
  • Numerical keypad takes a while to get used to.
  • The absence of macro keys presents a hard challenge.
  • sss


Razer BlackWidow Chroma

razer blackwidow chroma keyboard - RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

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This is also a super duper amazing gaming keyboard razer  which ranks at the 3rd place in our list of Top 10 best budget gaming keyboard.

The built quality of this keyboard is not that much good, but we can understand if it has some flaws then surely it will give some amazing features.

So just keep reading till end and you’ll get to know what are those advanced features which this keyboard gives to its users.

By saying built quality isn’t good; I do not mean that it can be break just by a single fall.

It’s made up of plastic material. Rather than that, this keyboard offers a bunch of advanced features. So let’s move on to the features which it provides.

This keyboard allows the gamers to choose the color variations. You can choose any color you want to glow in the lights of keyboard.

The keyboard also offers USB pass through, audio pass through and also the macro keys.

So this is a gaming keyboard for all those lovely gamers who love playing games on fancy and stylish keyboards.

It is also very expensive as compared to the other keyboards. It’s because of its extra features which it provides.

If you really are a true gaming fan, then you can still go for this keyboard.

The reviews of this Razer keyboard says that the keyboard is super-duper comfortable and also the keys are programmable.

It gives amazing color variation feature to glow the keyboard and it is also comfortable for typing purposes.

The only flaw about this keyboard is that the built quality of this keyboard does not match its, razer blackwidow chroma price but the features which it provides surely match with it.

So we talked a lot about this Razer BlackWidow Chroma, now it’s time to check the next keyboard which comes in our list of Top 10 best mechanical keyboards.

  • Comfortable and Programmable Keys
  • Colorful Illumination
  • Easy and Comfortable Typing Experience
  • ssss
  • ssss
  • Less Key Travel
  • Build Quality isn’t that much great (Shame it’s all plastic)
  • sss
  • ssss
  • ssss


Tesoro Excalibur G7NL

tesoro excalibur g7nl mechanical gaming keyboard

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This is also a super duper amazing Keyboard, that’s why it secured its 4th place in our list of Top 10 mechanical gaming keyboard.

The look of this keyboard is not any stylish but it is for all those who want the best standard design keyboard.

Now you might be wondering, then why it secured 4th rank.

Then wait baba! Just keep reading the article till end. It’s not stylish one, but still it is one of the best gaming keyboards of this year.

So without any further due, let me tell you what this keyboard offers to its customers.

This Tesoro Excalibur G7NL mechanical gaming keyboard contains almost all of the possible keys.

I mean there’s no any missing key in this keyboard. There are three switches available for this keyboard and those are – Blue, Brown and also the Red one.

The keys are just gamers friendly, so gamers are going to love this keyboard. The all of the three switches which this keyboard offers, helps a lot during gaming and it also helps to upgrade more gaming skills.

Now let’s come to the most awaited question that is “Why it is still called a Best Gaming Keyboard?“, and then here are some reason why is it called so! The keys are just made for gaming purposes.

The switches make you extra comfortable during tapping. Gaming Modes and the Macro keys also do a great job.

These are some great benefits of this keyboard. With that, the keyboard is really cheaper as compared to all of the other gaming keyboards available in the market.

The built quality of this keyboard is also very good than others. It is a very standard and minimalistic designed keyboard.

So if you want a standard looking keyboard made for gaming purposes, you can go for it.

We’ll highly recommend you to go for this keyboard if you want for gaming purposes.

It’s just not good looking but it offers varieties of other benefits. So let’s just move on to our next keyboard.


  • Macros Supported
  • Backlit Illuminated
  • Built Quality is Good
  • Minimalist and Standard Design
  • Very Cheap as compared to others in our Lineup
  • Build Quality isn’t that much great
  • USB Pass-through ports are missing


CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-I

cm storm quickfire rapid-i price & reviews

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This keyboard secured its place at the 5th spot in our article which is written for the Top 10 gaming keyboards of 2019.

The design of this keyboard is also a standard one as like the previous one.

It has a quite interesting minimalistic design which also looks good. If you’re a gamer, the things you’d see for in a keyboard are individual back lighting and some additional macros.

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i keyboard made this all possible with its standard minimalistic design.

CM Storm keyboard is by default fixed with the Cherry MX mechanical switches.

The design of the keyboard completely matches with the number pad of the keyboard.

Buyers also get additional color options like the Blue, Brown, Cherry MX, etc.

Yes, the design is not very good looking but still it looks best at its minimalistic design.

Also, it is one of the best gaming keyboard with the standard design which fulfills all of a gamer need.

The company tried their best to develop a keyboard with standard design with gaming needs.

The keyboard allows you to manually set the controls and save them as a preset for using them again in future. The best thing about this keyboard is that it fulfills gaming need with just a minimalistic design.

One can also do typing works smoothly on this keyboard. There’s no software installation required to start using this amazing keyboard.

The bad thing is that it does not have the number pad. I hope you well understood about this super cool keyboard.

Now let’s check which keyboard in our list comes at the next place.

  • Efficient Design
  • Multiple Lighting Modes
  • Smooth Typing
  • No Software Required
  • Backlight Color Options missing
  • Numeric Pad missing


Logitech G910 Orion Spark

logitech g910 orion spark rgb mechanical gaming keyboard

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Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming keyboard comes at our sixth spot.

May be some of you haven’t even heard about the companies of above keyboards.

But I’m damn sure, if you’re a bit techie person. Then you already know about the Logitech.

This is the company which leaves a super duper amazing impression on everyone with their each and every product launches.

This Logitech G910 Orion Spark is also a very cool keyboard with Mechanized keys in it.

The keyboard looks super amazing because of it rough and techie design. With the outer beauty of the look, the keyboard also offers inner external feature.

It offers all the gaming needs from that of lights to the programming features.

That’s why this keyboard is the only one keyboard by Logitech which we considered as a part of our list of Top 10 Mechanical Gaming keyboards.

The design of this keyboard is a way different than the other ones.

You can see in the picture, how it actually looks and why it makes it different from the other keyboards.

The buyer of this keyboard gets all of the important features like the programmable macros and also the mechanical switches.

If you know about the types of keyboard, then let me tell you that this keyboard is a fully QWERTY keyboard, which contains all of the media controls, custom switches for the modes, also the number pad with ten keys.

The keyboard contains a single USB port but it does not have any USB pass-through system.

The Logitech always provides its customers a driver for their hardware’s.

With the keyboard, you’ll get the Logitech gaming software which makes keyboard powerful.

You can customize the colors, and the glowing patterns also. This software can be used for the functioning of both Logitech devices – The Keyboard and The mouse at the same time.

The keyboard performs ultra-smooth because of its unique shaped keycaps and the design is also for gaming purposes.

But you can also do typing jobs easily on this keyboard. The keyboard is a bit expensive as compared with the other keyboard but that’s obvious because it provides good features with its good looking design.

There is no key tap sound in the keyboard and also the keyboard keys are Asymmetrical and if you’re a real gamer then you may know that gamer prefers to play on symmetrical keys.

So now I told you about this one and it’s totally your choice whether to buy it or not! But still I recommend you to buy this if you’re a real gamer lover. Let’s check our next three keyboards of the list.

  • Macros Keys are available
  • Unique Keycap Design plays an important Role in Gaming
  • Wrist Rest
  • Asymmetrical keys are not good for Non-Gamer User.
  • No Key Tap Sound
  • Expensive


SteelSeries Apex

steelseries apex m800 mechanical keyboard review

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SteelSeries always makes their efforts when it comes to the need of gamers.

They develop a lot of devices for gaming needs. That’s the reason we thought to put this gaming device in our list.

There are a couple of features which this gaming keyboard provides to us.

The Ergonomic design of this keyboard maybe not a good reason to buy this keyboard but illumination can be a good reason to purchase it.

SteelSeries Apex M800 Mechanical keyboard features a lot of illumination compilations because of its 16.8 million colors in it.

You can choose whatever color you like by dragging the color picker on the color pad.

I’ll suggest you to make some keys blue and make some keys red, that makes a comfortable feel to play games on the computer.

Also it allows you to turn off all of the illumination keys at a time but you have to leave a single one.

You can’t even imagine how many color combinations exist on the keyboard.

If you’re a math student, then use your permutation skills to guess the possible color combinations.

The main thing about this mechanical keyboard is that it contains dual processor.

This makes the keyboard ultra-fast and smooth so that whenever you press keys, it takes point milliseconds to process it.

Yes, this keyboard also contains the USB Pass-through system and as I said the lighting is extraordinary and beautiful.

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If you’re reading this article from top, you may have guessed that it’s our habit to showcase features first and then its flaws.

The built quality of this best gaming keyboard is very poor as compared to the other ones.

The keyboard is large in size as compared to the other ones but gamers prefer compact and cute gaming models.

Also it gives you the worst typing experience, so if you’re thinking to do typing work on this keyboard then just forget about that it’s not actually a great option for non-gamers.

So as of now we talked about all the details about this keyboard, it’s time to move onto our next keyboard of the list.

  • Beautiful Backlighting
  • Easy to Use Software
  • USB Pass-through
  • Poor Built Quality (All Plastic)
  • Large in Size as compared to others
  • Very expensive


Razer DeathStalker Ultimate

razer deathstalker ultimate gaming keyboard price

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Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Gaming keyboard is the 8th keyboard in our list of Top 10 best gaming keyboards for gamers.

This keyboard comes with a small LCD panel which comes at the place of number pad and hence replaces the number pad.

The reviews say that the only problem about this keyboard is its pricing.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is a gaming keyboard; we do not suggest you to purchase this keyboard if you want to do other jobs like typing or any other work.

If you are a true gamer, then I’ll suggest you to go for this keyboard. The design of this keyboard is also attracting and that’s what actually a gamer need.

The keys are so set up by the companies so that you get the shortcuts to login to your social media accounts, open calculator, open notepad, etc.

These features which I told you are set up by default by the company but you can change and customize it as per your needs by installing their software.

The keyboard is really a good deal for all the gamers because the LCD panel attracts the users and you can show off it in front of your friends.

Stylish design, good built quality, Touch Screen Panel, shortcut keys, fulfills all the gaming needs.

So what do you want more than that. You can go for it without thinking much because this gaming device becomes super-duper amazing when it comes into the true gaming hands.


  • Switchblade (Touch screen panel)
  • Stylish Design
  • Adjustable Multicolor Backlight
  • Great Build Quality
  • Worst Typing Experience
  • Ordinary Keys
  • Only for Gamers (A big No for others)


Corsair Strafe RGB

corsair strafe rgb mechanical gaming keyboard review

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Corsair Strafe RGB, the 9th keyboard of our list. Corsair always produces the best computer gears.

They have over two decades of manufacturing experience in the field of hardware and computer accessories.

The keyboard comes with the LED lights which makes it more interesting.

It is that much comfortable that you don’t need any wrist rest. The keys of this keyboard are also very comfortable.

They aren’t too hard nor too soft. They are as per the needs of a keyboard user.

If you want to do gaming or even typing work on this keyboard, then you’re most welcome for this keyboard.

Typing feels really natural and very smooth so you won’t get tired on this keyboard after doing hours of typing work on this keyboard.

Keyboard have visual lighting, also supports full key programming, contains a USB pass through system, is a very simple plug and play keyboard.

That’s all we really need when it comes to purchasing a keyboard for gaming.

But the keyboard does not contain any standalone media keys.

Also the worst thing is that it does not have any direct support for the Windows 10 OS users.

So that’s all we needed to talk about this keyboard. It’s now time to move to our last keyboard of the list.

  • USB pass-through
  • Custom visual lighting
  • Lacks stand-alone media control keys
  • Set up time



roccat ryos mk pro review

Buy on Amazon


Now this is the last mechanical gaming keyboard of this list of Top 10 mechanical keyboards for gamers.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go for this keyboard. So here we go! The backlight cupboard of this keyboard looks almost completely empty.

The design of this keyboard is too professional and makes user feel professional gamer.

There is no limit how you can program the keys. Customizing lighting is also available for you here.

The reality is this keyboard is just an upgraded version of the Roccat Isku in fields of design.

The keyboard produces Audio and also contains a USB pass through. The keyboard gives you option to program the keys as many times you need.

That means there’s no limit about the programming of the keys.

The negative thing about this keyboard is that the color back lighting only gives you blue color and the wrist rest feature of this keyboard is fixed with the design by default that means there’s no option to remove the wrist rest if you want.

  • Comfortable keys and wrist rest
  • Attractive lighting
  • Robust software
  • Difficult to record macros
  • Sticky typing
  • Too expensive for what it does



These were 10 Best Gaming Keyboards which can enhance your gaming experience.

It does not matter whether you use any of the mentioned mechanical gaming keyboard with your laptop or even desktop.

All you need is a good machine which is capable of gaming.

If you are switching from an ordinary keyboard to these gaming keyboards, then you will notice a huge difference in your experience.

You will notice faster response, clicky sound, and better comfort.

Most of the keyboards mentioned in this list have RGB lighting too which is dope thing.

You can change the RGB lighting through a special software or keys on keyboard in some cases.

You can even sync the RGB lighting on some of these gaming keyboards with music.

This RGB Lighting does make your desk look dope and it can be also turned off.

It is your call to make the purchase of any of the mentioned gaming keyboards as per your choice, priority and budget.

You will not face any problems with any of the keyboards mentioned in our list as we have made this list after a long research.

You should definitely buy any of the keyboards mentioned in the list if you are a gamer and you want to make your gaming experience better.

We recommend to check out the customer reviews of every keyboard before making the purchase as you will get more information about the product.


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