5 Best Selling Mobile Brand in India 2017

5 Best Selling Mobile Brand in India 2017

In today’s period almost, everyone uses a smartphone from a child to an old person for entertainment, business or any other use but in short, a smartphone has now become the basic need for people and also a source of information. Today we get instant updates of what’s happening around the world in our smartphone, people are making investments from their mobile and as the usage of smartphones is growing new companies are coming into existence so we are going to tell you about best selling mobile brand in the world. You will be shocked that there are thousands of companies in the world which manufacture smartphones whose names you wouldn’t have even heard of, but at the same time, you will be amazed to know the list of 5 Best Selling Mobile Brand in India 2017, given below in this post, let us know about them in detail.

1.  Samsung

The Number one best selling smartphone company in the world is Samsung, Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company which manufacturers everything from Smartphone, Air conditioner, Television you name it! This company holds 20% of the market Share selling 306.446 million units globally every year.

Some of the best selling smartphones of Samsung are its “Note series” and “S series” many people also prefer to buy the mid range devices from Samsung just because of its brand name and quality of service. You can visit best smartphones under 10000 in my previous article.

2.  Apple

Apple is an American multi-nation technology company and it is also the second largest smartphone selling company in the world it has over 15.9% market share in the smartphone market, apart from manufacturing smartphones Apple is also dominating other companies in Laptop, Smartwatch and even in software development department it holds its position. This company has sold over 216,0640 million units globally in the previous year. And the most amazing thing that we liked about Apple is that it runs its own OS called IOS which is liked by millions of users around the world.

3.  Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. LTD. Is a Chinese multinational networking and technology company its headquarter is in Shenzhen Guangdong. This company hold over 9% of the Market share currently, it has sold over 104,0947 million units in 2016. Huawei mobiles are sold globally and every year it makes a profit of approximately 5.5Billion United states dollars.

The best selling smartphone from “Huawei” is its Honor series line up and recently this company even announced its Honor View 10 which is going to be a great selling device for sure considering it’s a successor to the Honor 8Pro.

4.  OPPO

You probably have heard of this brand somewhere because this company never misses an opportunity to advertise, OPPO is Chinese company which is 4th Largest mobile selling smartphone brand in the world. OPPO holds 6% of the market share and had sold 85,000 Million units in the previous year. There are mixed views on this company from the user’s point of view as some people tend to love this brand and some hate it.

Best selling OPPO Device: OPPO F5, OPPO F3 Plus and OPPO F1.

best selling mobile phones in the world under budget

Image Courtesy: Businessworld

5.  Xiaomi

Xiaomi a company which brought revolution to the smartphone world, this company gave high-end specifications to the users who cannot afford to buy an expensive device from Apple or Samsung to run multitask or run heavy application or games. Xiaomi gave best performance, RAM and storage to the users with a really cheap TAG along with great service. It has made tremendous success in the last couple of years and has held the market share of 5% which is great for a new company like this it has even sold 65.6186 million units globally and took the 5th position in bestselling smartphone companies in the world.

So we have discussed best selling mobile brand in 2017 and I have already published best 4G smartphone under budget. Look at this and let me know about your views in comment section.

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